Community-based child protection programme for conflict-affected children and caregivers

Project Start Date: July 13, 2017

The idea of the project was based on providing protection interventions for 2500 affected children in conflict areas and supporting their caregivers. DAR implemented 4 phases of the project from 2017 to 2020. At the beginning of each phase, DAR implements capacity-building exercises for the work team that includes multiple disciplines in child protection centres. (Psychosocial support team – case management team – awareness team – mobile team – PSIA activities team – administrative team). This team, located in Syria, was supervised by a technical and administrative team in the organization’s principal office, which includes a psychosocial support specialist, a protection technician and a project manager. The activities vary within 6 main axes (capacity-building pieces of training for the team on child protection issues- awareness activities of war remnants- psychosocial support- awareness activities- structured and sustainable parenting programs- case management- awareness of PSIA activities). The added value of the project: Providing intervention services in child protection in the regions of Idlib and the western and northern countryside of Aleppo systematically and sustainably. Providing referral and reunification services for more than 2,500 children. Establishing child protection networks, which served as a guarantor and observer of protection activities in society. Establishing and leaving a bright name for the organization in Syria within the communities in which the project was implemented, and today, the project is mentioned as befitting the organization and the work team.