Harvesting Hope: Empowering Resilience in Western Ghouta

Project Start Date: January 8, 2024

Despite the formidable logistical and security challenges, the project was dedicated to supporting the population besieged in Ghouta since 2014. Despite the adversities, the project has successfully met its objectives, making significant strides in enhancing the living conditions of the 25,000 inhabitants of Ghouta. A pivotal aspect of our intervention has been implementing agricultural initiatives, which have yielded remarkable results. We have facilitated the successful harvest of 65 tonnes of cereals, 2 tonnes of beans, and 6 tonnes of green peas through strategic support. These achievements address immediate food security concerns and contribute to the community’s overall resilience and sustenance. By navigating through logistical and security hurdles, our efforts aim to bring tangible improvements to the lives of the besieged population, fostering hope and laying the groundwork for sustained recovery in Ghouta.