Exciting News: DAR NGO Emerges, Continuing the Legacy of NVNV NGO

We are thrilled to announce a momentous transformation within the world of non-profit organizations. Today, we proudly introduce Dignity, Actions and Resilience for Peace and Prosperity (DAR) as the newly emerged entity, carrying forward the torch of the esteemed NVNV NGO. DAR will continue to embody the core principles, visions, and missions that have guided NVNV since its inception, while embarking on an even more comprehensive and impactful journey.
DAR, a neutral and independent civil society organization, emerged in 2012 from the youthful initiative of a group of passionate individuals. With an unwavering commitment to non-violence and the pursuit of peace, DAR has carved its path in addressing the needs of those affected by armed conflicts and other instances of violence. We have strived to enhance the quality of people’s lives, supporting civil society members in their endeavour to construct sustainable, healthy, and productive societies.

As we embrace this transformative moment, we express our deepest gratitude to the Syrian activists who founded NVNV. Their dedication and belief in democracy and nonviolence as the catalysts for peace and prosperity have been instrumental in shaping our collective vision. While the name may change, the spirit and commitment that have fuelled NVNV remain as strong as ever, manifesting in the formation of DAR.
DAR’s vision encapsulates the aspirations of countless individuals striving for positive change. We envision a conscious, empowered, and effective civil society that possesses the will to transform itself. In this future, freedom, justice, dignity, and the rule of law will serve as the fundamental pillars of a social contract that binds all its members together.
Our mission remains steadfast: to meet the needs of those affected by armed conflicts and other instances of violence, fostering resilience and enhancing the well-being of communities. By nurturing the potential within civil society, we seek to build productive societies that flourish in justice, dignity, democracy, and lasting peace.
Together, as DAR NGO, we embark on a new chapter, amplifying our efforts, extending our reach, and forging alliances that will propel us toward our shared vision. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can create a future where peace and prosperity prevail, where societies are built on the bedrock of human dignity, actions, and resilience.
Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming projects, initiatives, and collaborative endeavors. DAR NGO is determined to make a lasting difference, and we eagerly look forward to shaping a better world alongside all our dedicated partners and supporters.
Welcome to the future of DAR NGO, where we continue to empower civil society and build a world where justice, dignity, and peace flourish.

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