Remarkable Achievement

In a remarkable achievement, DAR has completed a groundbreaking project aimed at empowering Syrian women who have long faced marginalization in various aspects of their lives. Recognizing the importance of amplifying women’s voices and addressing the challenges they face, DAR focused on enhancing women’s media platforms and providing comprehensive advocacy training.
As part of the project, three media platforms who were already established by women volunteers: Suriat in the Northern West, Atyaf in the Northern East, and Together in Syrian government-controlled areas. These platforms became crucial channels for women to express their experiences and concerns within their communities, utilizing their own voices and tools.
CFLI in collaboration with DAR have managed to provide extensive training to women volunteers from these platforms. The training sessions equipped them with essential skills in peacebuilding, addressing gender-sensitive issues, and promoting awareness of women’s rights, including the principles outlined in CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women).
The project witnessed remarkable achievements as women volunteers created and shared a diverse range of visual materials on the platforms, bringing attention to the issues faced by Syrian women. Additionally, DAR successfully united the efforts and voices of these women across all Syrian territories, establishing an inclusive network that advocates for gender issues and mobilizes women journalists.
The project’s accomplishments extend beyond the technical skills acquired by the women. It fostered collaboration and interaction among women from different religious, ethnic, and political backgrounds, creating a strong sense of unity and empowerment. By enhancing their advocacy skills and promoting meaningful activities, DAR enabled these women to become powerful advocates for their rights and active participants in creating positive change within their communities.
DAR hopes in the extension of this project with CFLI will build upon the success of uniting technically trained women from diverse backgrounds in media and advocacy, DAR envisions expanding collaboration and interaction among these women through additional training on advocacy approaches and campaigns. The goal is to enhance their skills and knowledge, deepening their understanding of advocacy concepts, planning, and activities.
DAR recognizes that advocacy is an ongoing process that requires continuous learning and engagement. By investing in further training and refining the established platforms and website, DAR aims to create an even stronger foundation for the empowerment of Syrian women. The organization is committed to nurturing a supportive environment where women can continue to grow as advocates for their rights and catalysts for positive change and even greater impact on their communities and society as a whole.

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